2019 Airshow Lineup:


The Immortal Red Baron

The Immortal Red Baron production, an entirely new style of air show performance that combines narrative story-telling with live-action aerial dog fighting maneuvers, characters in authentic costumes, propane machine guns, as well as special-themed music, narration and sound effects.  Not only is this show entertaining, but it integrates the audience into the actual performance.  Propane-powered machine guns in the spectator area are used by the audience members to shoot at the airplanes during the dogfight. Successful concepts inspired by live theatre, theme parks, sporting events and the film industry are brought together in a cohesive package that is guaranteed to take the spectators' breath away. Learn more here!


The Raptor

Steve Covington of SRC Airshows will be here flying his highly modified Pitt s2s named, “The Raptor.” Steve will amaze you with his skills as an aviator and the professional orchestration of his aero-act! Learn more here!

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Aerobatic Glider

Manfred Radius Airshows will be here, featuring the Salto aerobatic glider. The Salto is a fully aerobatic, highly maneuverable sailplane which is also suited for extended soaring flights. Very elegant in appearance, its distinctive features are a Vee tail, trailing edge dive brakes and a drogue chute. Learn more here!


Christen Eagle

Paul Daugherty returns flying his beautiful Christen Eagle. Originally built by the legendary Eagle guru, Benny Davis, this unique Eagle was then rebuilt by Paul Dougherty over a 10 month period. Its pumped up 230 horsepower engine offers exceptional performance, and its custom paint scheme captivates spectators every year. Learn more here!


MXS by Scott Francis Airshows

Scott Francis returns flying his MXS plane,  a  single  seat,  carbon  fiber  aircraft  utilizing  advanced, state-of-the-art  composite  materials, sophisticated development  tools, novel  processes  and  world  class  engineering skills blended to create a unique  combination of structural performance, quality and durability. Scott’s aerobatics were a crowd favorite last year! Learn more here!


BT 13 Trainer

Bryan H. Jorgensen will be flying a BT 13 Trainer! The Vultee BT-13 was the basic trainer flown by most American pilots during World War II. It was the second phase of the three phase training program for pilots. After primary training, the student pilot moved to the more complex Vultee for continued flight training. The BT-13 had a more powerful engine and was faster and heavier than the primary trainer. 

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TBM Avenger

Charlie Cartledge will be flying his restored TBM Avenger, brought to you by Lake Erie warbirds. Lake Erie Warbirds will deliver a once in a lifetime experience in a TBM Avenger to its customers and will set an example across the industry by being the first single pilot/single aircraft operator with a fully functional Safety Management System (SMS). Rides are $900 for two people and $600 for one person.

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Skydive Pennsylvania

Skydive Pennsylvania will be thrilling crowds with their skydiving performance at this years airshow! Skydive Pennsylvania has been in business for over 20 years and is the only Skydiving Center in Western Pennsylvania. They are a full-service dropzone serving skydivers of all skill levels and experience. Skydive Pennsylvania offers the largest skydiving flight line in the region and the only turboprop aircraft serving the greater Pittsburgh area. This means they can take a skydiver up to 13,500 feet in just 10 minutes!  


Helicopter Rides!

Spiker Helicopters of Pittsburgh, PA will be offering helicopter rides during the airshow! Tickets prices coming soon!

Drone Zone

Learn about drone safety and see experts maneuver a drone obstacle course! Sponsored by Tail Spin Hobbies

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Car Cruise by Rusty Nutz Car Club

Good people, cool cars, trucks, and bikes! Check out this awesome car club and their one of a kind vehicles at the airshow AND every Saturday at 6pm at Advance Auto Parts, rt. 22 Ebensburg!