Free Airshow Parking

Surrounding businesses* on Airport Road will have their lots open and available for free parking (see list below - click for google maps location). There will be shuttles running all day to the main terminal from these business lots.

The lot in front of the airport is for handicapped parking only.

Parking Lots for Airshow:

Earthcraft Landscaping

GAS Analytical Services

K & K Mine Products


Archrock Services LP

Indiana County Humane Society

Kimray Sales & Service


Quintech Electronics & Communication

State Electric Supply Co.

Victory Energy Corporation

*Jimmy Jet's, LLC will be closed for private parking

Normal Business Days:


We have a large, free parking lot at the terminal and courtesy cars available! 

Rental Cars:

Rental Cars are provided by Don Huey, Inc.



Turbotaxi - 724.465.8294

Enterprise - 724.465.5944 (Press 4)


Public Transportation:


From Airport to Indiana: Route 10